My Story of Brandy

Brandy is a Goffins Cockatoo that has led a rough life.  Brandy is approximately 10 years of age and was
imported from the wild.  She was bought by a family that apparently did not like the way she expressed herself,
so they banged on her cage and put her in a closet to shut her up.  I have heard stories of her abuse that
apparently led to her plucking every feather she could reach.  A relative of mine had heard about Brandy and decided to take her in and save her from this environment.  Only there would have to be drastic changes made,
to reverse the behavior that was already instilled.  They adopted Brandy and kept her for two years, but could
not reverse the behavior and keep it under control.  Brandy wore a neck brace for the two years in her new
home and still would rip out her feathers each time she had a chance.

In March of 2002, I was asked if I would like to adopt Brandy and took her without hesitation.  I bought her a
new cage and put her in a room filled with light, warmth and lots of interaction.   I kept her cage open whenever
we were home.  I learned that she had to have that horrible brace taken off of her neck so that she could preen
her feathers and learn to balance properly.  I took the neck brace off within the first two months she came to my home, and have never put it back on her.  Her feathers are starting to come in with the help of a new balanced
diet, frequent baths….and loads of love!

We are committed to Brandy forever and have accepted her into our family.  She has brought so much joy to
our family and continues to amuse us!  Here are some photos of her progress.  Anybody that has a cockatoo
that plucks feathers knows how hard it is to try to reverse this behavior.  We feel that Brandy is doing really
well and are we happy with her progress.

   This is Brany about 1 year after I adopted her.

(Thanks to Tammie for rescuing this pitiful little bird.)

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