One of the most common questions we get is "How do the smaller cockatoos compare with the
Moluccans or Umbrellas?"  Or:  What is the difference in the cockatoo species as far as care"?

Here is a chart that I feel represents (in a broad brush stroke) the difference and comparisons of
the most common parrots out there.  Keep in mind that all birds are individuals and there is also
usually a difference between the males and the females.  Generally speaking however,  this chart
is a pretty good representation of what you're facing when considering these birds.  Keep in mind
also that when we say "Very Difficult" this means that MOST people cannot provide proper care.


In my opinion... the Moluccan is heads above the Umbrella in difficulty of care. That doesnt mean that the Umbrella
is much easier however! It simply means that the male Moluccan is something that most people cant deal with. The
other cockatoos down the line get easier. But that still doesnt mean that they're easy to care for either.
It's not until you get to the Goffin that most people with average good care can rest easy.

Like many people with many opinions on this subject, it's a never ending debate,  but the Moluccan is without
a doubt something you dont want to mess with unless you plan on devoting much resources to this animal.

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Note:  Some will disagree with this chart especially if they own the other species of parrots. Everyone has their
own opinion of their birds and most are different.  Please don't write me about this chart if you own one of these
other species because it's all subject to opinion and I don't have the time to argue your points.  Thanks!