These are unsolicited comments that people posted on the survey form.

Cockatoos Average Age..................................   6.59 Years
Average Time In Current Residence.................... 3.02 Years
Percent of birds that have ever plucked................42.75
Percent of birds over 5 that have ever plucked.....53.45
Percent of birds under 3 that have ever plucked...19.87

Comments: Whitney is very demanding, as soon as she hears my voice when I return from work she cries for me to visit/play. She is devoted to me and loving. But for an unknown reason she hates my husband who has never done an unkind thing to her.

Comments: I agree COMPLETELY with your comments on owning a cockatoo. I did not know what I had in store for me when I got her and the work has been endless. Although I love her dearly, I tell anyone who wants a cockatoo to try another bird instead. I doubt many people would put as much time and effort as I have into them.

Comments: My cockatoo is a M2. She has done much better with her mutilation since being here. vet checked and took biopsy of chest. She is hyperthyroid and on meds. Rubbing her chest with her beak has become a compulsion, although she is well adjusted here and loves to be with me as much as possible. I keep plenty of chew toys and shreddables in her cage and on playstand at all times. She constantly chews them up. She is also afraid of water because her former owners sprayed her with water to stop her screaming. She doesn't scream here. Well, not what I call screaming. She gets loud a couple of times a day but it doesnt last very long. I love to hear her voice. She talks some too.

Comments: I would just like to say that I have been a bird lover of many years & have had parrots not Too's & there's a huge difference with the attention that's required. I'm just grateful that I am able to be home 99% of the day to spend lots of time with him. They aren't for everyone that's for sure & if a person isn't willing to take or spend the much needed time with their new friend then they should reconsider & get a nice lil budgie or even consider a different pet all together.Budgie make great pets are their requirements are far less. You have a very honest & right to the point site. Not many people want to hear the truth but the truth is just that & straight to the point! Thank-God for people out there like you who care enough about the birds & saving them from harmful humans who neglect to take care of them as they should be. God Bless You & all the Too's out there!!  Thank-You. Kathy

Comments: The previous owner before us beat her with rolled up news paper when he said she was 'being bad'. He fed her no veggies or fresh fruit, only human junk food.  Being left alone for so many hours without companionship or love took it's toll on her.And for four years pulled out her feathers to the point of no feathers at all on her torso.He couldn't find anyone that would take her. And to our good fortune we were contacted and she has   been with us for the last 3 1/2 years. On her arrival she had an understandable bad attitude and shook all the time. The years she has been with us has brought the sweetest personality out in her. We love her very much and she will be with us the rest of her life. Thanks to your suggestions on food she is now liking her meals. We accept that she may never have anymore feathers and to most people she is ugly, but to us, we only see the beauty in this little feather plucked person.

Comments: I agree with everything you have said about cockatoos, and we were not told the entire truth about "Cud " - short for cuddles, his name when we bought him. He has eaten three settees, broken contless telephones, chewed furniture, wrecked plants, eaten several TV remote controls, and done some very naghty things- however, we love him to bits. He is very demanding, and needs lots of attention, needs to be out of his aviary lots, and needs you to play with him - however, the love and affection we get back from him is worth every bit of effort put into looking after him. He is a very gentle bird, and very good with the others. He teases the dog constantly, and knows exactly what to do to wind her up.He is a lot of work, and a very real commitment, but we would be lost without him.

Comments: everything I have read above in your newsprint is very true on these birds.A lot of people don't know what they are getting into with these birds. They should do plenty of research before making a choice of this type.My bird is very jealous of my 14 year old daughter,when I'm around,but they both play together fine on my kitchen floor when I can't be seen by the bird.

Comments: I will say I have been very lucky, but these Too's are more then work. I love my baby,and I do not have to work so I can give the time and care required. On the other hand having a Too is very limiting to a social life. My home is always dusty, news paper ever where, and it can be so noisey that friends never want to stop by for a visit. It's fine with me though. But before geting a Too, remember this, you will become a slave to it, cleaning feeding love & attention, hopefully as with myself you would find it to be a labor of love. I wouldn't take a million for my baby, and always remember if something should happen to you, you must make arrangements for your Too, to insure it will be in good hands long after you are gone. Lets face it these guys can out live us, and we would all want to leave them with our 20 year old son or daughter, but is that really right to your children or the Too. Always have to plan ahead, cook, clean behind, and love love love.

Comments: He is a wonderful & beautiful U2.  I can do most anything with him but I am the only person that can.  He does not like my wife and flies at her, given the chance.  She will not handle him at all.  His previous owner was a man & his wife never handled him either.

Comments: I wanted a Moluccan for two years before I bought him. He is a joy and a pill. He gives me great pleasure and he also can be very hard to handle. Everything you say is true. I will love him  and keep him till I die but these birds should be in the wild not in cages.

Comments: She's had severe hormonal episodes, attacking me (female) but being as sweet as can be to my husband.  It seems that it's a growth spurt, and has lasted well over a year.  I don't know that she'll ever be 'normal' again.  She had started picking/plucking but after research we changed her location (bird room instead of central location) and diet and some behavior (on our parts as well.)  These things seem to help, but are not foolproof.  We've taken in another M2 recently who will squeal and also exhibits aggressive hormonal behavior such as biting and a tiny bit of picking at feathers.  We're pretty sure that one is a male, and it's about 5.5 years old.  We're not trying to make them a pair and took the 2nd one (male) in temporarily until its family could make a major move.

Comments: I love my well mannered, well adjusted cockatoo more than anything in the world...I say this to  myself each night at "happy bird hour" when my eardrums nearly rupture. I have an autistic child for the rest of my life. I will always have to plan my life around his needs. If only I had known what it would really be like.  I love my bird. He loves me. After six years experience with my cockatoo companion, I would recommend against anyone ever purchasing a pet cockatoo.

Comments: even though she can be noisy at times,,, and she plucks her chest,,,, she snuggles,,, cuddles,, and loves me as much as I love her.  She is the child I could not have.  She even tries to feed me,,, and she lays eggs even though she has never had a mate.  According to the vet,,, she thinks I am her mate.  She does not have an illness or disease,,, she plucks (according to the vet) because I am not with her 24 hours a day.  I wish I could be,,, but I do have to work a bit. : )

Comments: Beaky is a wonderful bird who bonded with me nicely.  She is very sweet & affectionate.  She starves for the one-on-one attention I give her.  Like I said, she has plucked herself bald to the point where she had open sores when she first came here.  She's now getting 'fuzz'.  She seems very happy, I just don't know if this is a honeymoon period.  She's the love of my life and will live the rest of her life with me.

Comments: When I rescued Bailey, she had snipped and mutilated all her flights and her entire tail. She had no clue how to step up, but clearly wanted attention. She didn't know what fresh food was, and didn't know how to play with toys.  With consistent love, play, good food, and attention, she's a wonderful companion - now fully feathered and talking. She definitely needs a full night of sleep, so I have a sleep cage for her in a quiet room. She is a beautiful, comical, cuddly parrot who loves to show off. She also loves our evening time spent before bedtime rocking in a rocking chair in the bird room and cuddling. I would have loved her with or without her feathers. Her beauty is an added bonus.

Comments: I love my M2 and have 13 birds but if he was my first bird I never would of gotten another bird.  He is the most lovable,funny,intelligent, sweet, loud, destructable, and demanding bird I have. All of the rest of my birds do not demand as much attention as he does or the patience need. I intended to keep him for the rest of my life because I made a comitment to him but if I had know of all the demands of this truely wonderful and beautiful creature I would not have purchased him. He deserves to be free or have more time devoted to just him but I try to give him as much weekend time and time in the evenings out of his cage and in my outside gazeebo in the yard when I am outside. Cockatooes are not for the average person. It takes a special person who has lots of love and patience and can take the screamming and destruction this bird can cause.

Comments: We adopted our Too only one week ago and after reading your entire web-site I am filled with the sobering reality that I face an awesome responsibility in fulfilling this beautiful creature's needs. I only hope and pray that I can provide an environment of love and attention that makes her life as happy as she can be in captivity. I am in full agreement with you that only a very small percentage of people should keep these lovely birds as pets. The majority of Toos should be in their natural habitat although even that is seriously threatened by the political and military activities of the Indonesian governament, one of the most inherently corrupt and inept governments on the planet.

Comments: Her confidence is improving daily and we have a lot of fun together mornings and evenings, around the house and in the garden and off for walks with the dogs. She is still very underweight and won't stop overpreening though. But I am investigating ways we can help her further.

Comments: Our birds love variety and entertainment just as much as we do, if not more!!  Please appreciate and respect your bird for what it is ... an animal.  Don't expect it to adapt to our supposed "human" ways.  We need to adapt to THEIRS!!  They love and fear just like we do.  They have feelings just like we do.  They get sad.  They get angry.  They can clearly exhibit happiness ... with EAR-SPLITTING, ROOF-RAISING screams of joy and that half-open mouthed smile.  With the right care and amount of attention, they'll show us just love and not fear or sadness.  Let's do our part and DO be more understanding, not just try to be!!

Comments: This bird doesn't appear to be a "super male" - he's somewhat on the pliant side of normal. All family members interact physically with the bird daily to maintain a positive relationship. I am probably the most fearless, so the bird knows he can't get away with much, i.e. he lunges, and I ignore his negative behavior.

Comments: Yours was the first site I found when I went looking for info on 'Toos, and I'M GLAD IT WAS!!!!!!
I have a small child (less than 2 yrs old) and will make sure to wait until she is MUCH older before I consider buying a 'Too. There is a great deal more to consider than I originally thought and will think long and hard before buying a 'Too of my own. I think I get involved with a local rescue operation and assist them before I make a final decision.
THANK YOU for telling it straight! I wouldn't want to be one of those people who abuses the poor baby because I didn't understand what was lacking or needed.

Comments: Great page.  More people need to understand what they're getting into.  I work at Petsmart and we had a sulphur crested cockatoo come in for sale who was almost bald from plucking.  I spent alot of time with him and soon he grew his feathers back.  he's an amazing bird who lives with a middle aged couple in the country.  him and my bird (joey) play together sometimes because we live so close.  they are best friends.  I was hesitant to introduce them but joey loves everybody even my German Shepard.

Comments: I like the mytoo site and probably would  not have taken the bird had I known the real facts about the constant responsibilities of owning a bird (more demanding than a dog or cat, compaarable to a two year old, remember the saying "terrible twos").  However, the bird is a true part of the family and I would not do differently if I had the chance tomorrow. Your site has an abundance of factual information that I was unable to get elsewhere.  Thank you for all the hard work you did to make this available to all who seek it out.

Comments: We couldn't imagine our life without our Calvin.  He has brought so much joy to us it is difficult to explain to people who do not own a bird.  He is our first child and will be with us hopefully forever. (Editors note: This was one of only a handfull
of people with positive remarks who's cockatoos were over 6 years of age.  Most positive remarks were made by people
who's cockatoos were 3 years and under,  which is fairly common.)

Comments: I love all of my birds and can honestly say that if I had been more educated in them, I would have thought better of ever buying a bird.  They truly do belong in their own enviroment.  I am glad to have my parrots, and never want anything to ever happen to them.  They are loved dearly.  I clean the cages twice a day, change the water twice a day.  They are always out when we are home.  We don't go on vacation because we don't want to leave them.

Comments: He was near insanity, doing repeditive motions when I found him. lived in an aviary for at least 6 yrs, probably longer. (strongly suspect he's a wildcaught, possibly breeder-hen killer) Was then used to pay off debts, no love involved and used to pay 3 different people over a 2 yr period. I found him with an elderly woman who'd had him for 4months. Not being understood,  he'd not been out of his cage 15x20"  for over 2 yrs since leaving the aviary.
He stopped plucking over 6 months ago, and is slowly stopping to shred primaries....all seems to have to do with adjustment, security in his case. He's a wonderful loving guy.

Comments: I love him like a child, BUT Cockatoos, at least Moluccans are certainly not for most people.  He is extremely demanding and obnoxious at times.  I will never get rid of him.  I have thought about getting another for company, absolutely not breeding.  I don't feel that they make good pets - the birds suffer too much.

Comments: I agree with most of your comments and understand why you are trying to scare most people off from getting a Cockatoo. We also have a Africian Gray and I think it helps the Moluccan with bordom when we aren't home.

Comments: We have a busy household. Two roommates,one child, a dog, two cats.  Everyone is afraid of her but me so they dont let her out when Im not home.  She has been very unsettled since my boyfriend moved out 4 months ago and now when I get home if I leave the room she constantly screams and everyones nerves are shot!

Comments: I have never seen anything like having a cockatoo, other than having a child.  I recommend your site to anyone considering a 'Too.  I love Mickey more than just about anything, but he definitely keeps me busy, trying to find ways to entertain him.

Comments: After bringing Sugar home she required surgery for the mutilation. She will be wearing the collar for another month while the surgery continues to heal. She has adjusted very well and seems to be quite happy in her new home. She is the sweetest FID you can imagine.

Comments: I agree with the time required with these birds. I did research and went to numerous bird stores and asked questions about the too's and macaws and decided on the bird I have knowing the time I did have for her. She is a wonderful bird, but from the time we brought her home we had our friends and family hold her whenever they came so she wouldn't fear people coming and going and so she wouldn't become a "1 person bird". My wife, son (13 yrs old) and I all share the duties of preening, feeding and cleaning so if one of us had to leave town or anything it wouldn't be anything strange or upsetting to her for anyone in the household to care for her. If it wasn't me 1st bird and had expeirence with them I probably would of opted to try to adopt from a rescue. I did enjoy reading your site and hope people do heed your words. They are not for every household nor every one that wants to own a bird, But like you said, if you have the time, patience, time, love to give , mon!
ey(not just for  bird and set-up, but also vet checks, Average $200 just to walk into an avairy vet) and time they are wonderful, beautiful and affectionate pet.

Comments: He still will not tolerate any men near him, or even in the same room most days. But with me he is a teddy bear. Although he is only eight years old I am his eight(!!) home.

Comments: I've been VERY lucky so far, Elijah has overall been a wonderful bird. His screaming is really not too bad (our amazon can really get him going though at times). He generally loves everyone he knew from the day he came home, with the exception of my sister. One drawback is that he has hates and has attacked my fiance (about 2-3 years ago), grabbed on to his lips and hung there! *ouch* Ever since they simply keep their distance and things have been fine. Again I really think I lucked out, he's not like most umbies I've meet and/or read about! I do warn people that Elijah is not the "norm" when it comes to these guys.... hopefully we'll continue to be lucky.

Comments: I love your web site. It made me laugh out loud.  It also made me cry out loud. I am so sick of walking into pet stores and seeing these big,  beautiful birds sitting there in all their misery. The common age is about 1 - 2 (one ignorant owner),  3-4 (second ignorant owner) get the picture. I did a lot of reading prior to buying a bird, and I came to the conclusion I would never buy a cockatoo - the term 'high maintenance' being an understatement. I bought my Ringneck.
Then this client came into the office and had to find a home for her Moluccan. I told her no way.
So I picked him and his cage up. On the way home,  he looked up at me and said 'Hi Chico' in his sweet little voice. I actually thought maybe this wouldn't be too only took a day for him to realize his mom wasn't coming back.
Then the bird from hell appeared.  He hated us. He bit harder than a pit-bull. He screamed louder than a ban-chi. We hated him.  There were several occasions that first year that I seriously wanted to get rid of him. But I knew how pathetic his life would be if I did that.  Besides, at that point, I wouldn't wish him on anybody. Joking aside, I knew enough about the
breed to know the time it would take for him to trust me after coming out of an abusive home (Yes, I talked to the lady I bought him from and the truth eventually came out! Her husband hated the bird, her kids taunted and teased him....enough
said). Well, it's been about three years now. Chico still has his moments (he thinks my husband is under him in the household pecking order, especially when  I'm around - I'm the established flock leader, by the way!) but for the most part we all co-habitate fairly well.  And during quiet moments when Chico  is happy, content, and cuddled against me, his
head tucked tightly under my chin.............Chico's mom.

Comments: We love our Too. We got her when she was a month old and had the pet store wean her for us. we visited and
bonded daily until she was ready to come home.  We owned a U2 so we knew all about the needs and what to expect as far as behavior. They are loving birds but I wouldn't recommend one to the inexperienced. We own nine birds so we are bird people who understand the needs.

Comments: Of all the parrots I have been with and around in the last 11 years the cockatoo still baffles me. They are much more sensitive to everything than the others it seems. I love your website!!! Thank-you for it!  Becky

Comments: I love my birds. They are wonderful but a challenge as Toos can be more demandig than children and are so very easily stressed

Comments: We have had more Toos come to our adopt a bird program in the last year than I have seen in 12 yrs!

Comments: I have the most wonderful loving Moluccan, he is not a screamer and is the most friendly pet a person could have.
(Editors note:  This is another ver rare case. The bird is 7 years old.  The owners must be doing something right)

Comments: Toos are not my only birds. I love them but would not recommend them for just anyone. They need a lot of care and if you aren't the type that keeps a CLOSE eye on your bird when it is roaming, you will suffer the consequences of a devoted, inquisitive, chewer.(No furniture, walls, pens, pictures, books or even the ceiling excluded in their chewing adventures)They are loud at times but I have been lucky with my boys as they are not screamers. They sometimes even tell my finches to shut up. They love to show off and get a kick out of it when you laugh at their antics. They are very dusty and need daily bathing. They love to throw their food with their feet and beaks, having the time of their lives. Both of my boys prefer to get their fruit or other treats out of their dish rather than having it handed to them. They are shy of new people but on occasion they will hit it off right away with a new person, acting like maniacs in front of them.

Comments: These are wonderful birds, but NOT for everyone!!!!! They are a handful and deserve responsible owners!

Comments: He is like a beloved child and is treated as such. Everyone loves him and he loves all but that is only because I have devoted 100% of myself to him and am totally committed to his happiness. My biggest worry is what would happen to him if I died because no one would be capable of this level of commitment. I had no idea when I got him that it would be like this but I tried my best to learn all I could.  We are both very lucky.  Thank you with all my heart for what you are doing.

Comments: We just love our George to death, but are getting worried about her plucking! Not sure what the cause is, I just assumed it was because of my being gone at the office. Her chest is bare, but she hasn't drawn blood yet. Any suggestions on how to further distract her?  We have changed her toys, installed a mirror, which she has become fascinated with, our vet suggests we try to correct this ASAP.

Comments: I wish I knew then what I know now.  I feel badly that my other two birds did not get the care that they should have or the attention they should have.  I just didn't know about birds then. They were definitely decorations.  I also have doubts all the time about whether cockatoos belong in captivity.  Bhakti is wonderful I love him to bits, but I am learning all the time how to work with his behavior.  He is difficult, but he is our responsibility and he has a home here forever.

Comments: Since I have acquired Maui,the moluccan, I've not had the problems his former owners had. Sure, he screams & yes, he will destroy if left unsupervised and he will bite if I'm not paying attention to him or his body language (I've been fortunate in reading him so far - but I've heard the horror stories I may witness during breeding season when he gets older (oh oh, Help!);I've never had to towel him to remove him from his cage (his cage in his former home was too small for a Too & he obediently steps up & down to come out & go in his large cage).

Comments: He is a screamer, has been known to bite people.  I have received a few bites from him.

Comments: She is a very loving but demanding little one, spending most of her time on my shoulder when I am home.  Wears a collar if she starts skin mutilation.  Did have a spell of phobia last year.

Comments: He's been in at least 5 homes and spent two years in 'storage'  His first owner died and left him to the daughter, who stored him for two years then turned him over to a club adoption program.  He had been adopted out time and time again to inexperienced bird owners.  He's doing well here with guidance and RULES.

Comments: My plucker has stopped barbering her contour feathers, although she will occasionally chop flight or tail feathers.  She has stopped screaming since living with me, and has all around become a much more balanced, happy individual.

Comments: I can not urge people strongly enough to NOT BUY LARGE PARROTS/COCKATOOS.  I was part owner of and ran a mobile veterinary service out of my home for a couple of years .  The veterinarian focused his practice on birds.  I lost count, after 25, of the number of large birds GIVEN to me because the owner didn't have time, because they plucked, they couldn't stand the screaming, had young children, blah, blah, blah. Many owners offered to sell me their bird, but would not let me adopt it - it was strictly a matter of money to the owner. At one point, I had 15 cockatoos, macaws and amazons living with me.  Fortunately, I had been able to find homes for 90% of them.  I have kept track of most, although I have to admit I have lost a few when people have moved or given the bird to someone else (which I forbid when I adopt out the bird!).  I have the basic six now - one deformed 4 yr. old female umbrella, one 4 yr. old self mutilating female moluccan, one 8 yr. old plucking!
 female triton sulphur crest, one  6 yr. old broken-beak female sulphur crest (victim of mate aggression), one male triton age unknown (breeder whose mate died), and my first, a 15 yr. old male umbrella.  I am commited to keeping all of these birds with me for my lifetime and they are provided for in my will. My husband and I accept that our lives will never be normal and we will never be able to take long vacations or have beautiful new furniture or sleep in or have  quiet days and evenings.  I love these unbelievable creatures with all my heart, but I wish I didn't even know them and that it was impossible to 'own' one. They belong in their natural habitat - not in a cage in your living room!  PLEASE DON'T BUY A COCKATOO!
Thanks for letting me vent.

Comments: your site convinced me that i could take care of punkin, we've only had her a week but so far it's working well.. she screams but not too much and eats like a pig and loves to be loved though we're watching it so that we don't hold her all the time.. she'd been at the pet store 8 months and has plucked her chest bare and her body down to the down.. she goes to the vet next week for blood work and well bird check over..

Comments: The previous owner didn't have to part with this cockatoo, but she does have several parrots and felt that out of all of them, the cockatoo could use a little more time.  I was looing for a cockatoo and knew I had the time to spend.
She's a very well-adjusted bird.  Plays independently and doesn't engage in excessive screaming.  She will play with just about anything, and go to anyone once she's used to their presence.  If all cockatoos were like her, there probably wouldn't be so many unhappy situations out there.  However, we're very aware that her proper upbringing and our continued guidance help make her the great friend that she is.

Comments: My cockatoo's name is Sam and he can be a handful sometimes, but I would never give him up.  He brings me and my family much joy and I think we do the same for him. I also own 2 red masked conures, LuLu 14yrs. old and Rosie 11yrs. old, A blue front amazon, Marty 7 yrs. old and an orange wing amazon, popeye 70 yrs. old. I also am a veterinary technician and animal health manager of a veterinary hospital. Your website is great!

Comments: He is bonded to me and screams if he can't have me. We've tried treating him with lupron. It has not worked. I am going to try someting else, as I really don't want to give up on him

Comments: I guess we have a mutant odd-ball umbrella, as she has never shown the horror stories that your site is claiming. Yes, I we give her lots of attention and she doesn't really like our 8 year old son, but she's never attacked him or anything. But since we treat her as a dog, I guess that's helped quite a bit. I used to raise border collies and they are need the same attention as Kira (our unbrella).

Comments: She's a very loving a good natured bird, she screams every day when i come home from work, and has on three occasions (in the last 11 years)gotten angry over who knows what and actually bit me. Other than that, she's always pleasant, loving, and even very good with children. She loves everyone, especially me of course, but is friendly with anyone coming into my home, and LOVES the be the center of attention. I wish I'd found your website 12 years ago, but I couldn't possibly think of ever letting her go, now. She takes a LOT of work, but our relationship is extraordinary. I will recommend your webpage for ANYONE thinking about buying a bird. Thank you for all the information you've shared. I look forward to checking back once or twice a month!

Comments: What has happened to Oscar in the past year is unforgiveable. He was sent off because he screamed--the person who took him couldn't handle it either--so he got snet to me. I love this bird!! He gets to be himself--I expect nothing more from him. But I have never had a BABY bird so that may be why he and I get along. He and my macaw seem to hit it off--although never together alone! They talk to each other and just get along--I love this bird.

Comments: Lucky came to us without much tail and few primaries. He continued to chew them for about 4 years. He was to be my wife's bird, however bonded to me. About a year later we ended up with a handicapped/fully flighted baby African Grey. As the grey matured, he started dive bombing Lucky. My wife had serious problems with Lucky's volume and resorted to covering him frequently. He began pulling chest, back, and leg feathers about 3 years after we had him. He was also treated for a serious respritory situation (nasal flushes and antibiotics) My wife left with her talking/flying friend about 3 years ago. I have an extremely high tolerance for noise, so he's only covered for bedtime now. My vet prescribed Halapardol, and after 4-6 months use, Lucky had stopped chewing his tail. That's about as much as the halaparodol could do. In September of this year, a change at work allowed me to work predominantly out of my home. I have seen pretty good behavior changes since then. He
 tail flips, preens normally, and can amuse himself outside his cage a little easier. I have playpens in various rooms...but his favorite is playing in huge computer boxes. Sometimes he gets fairly aggresive about the boxes contents...but mainly just roots around, chews, and throws stuff out. My vet recommended a zinc test at his annual exam in Novemeber...It was 3.9 (high normal is 2.5). I gave him DMSA in his food twice a day for 2 weeks (he didn't catch on for about 5 days) He was retested after the DMSA had run its course. The results came back higher. I had some more DMSA ordered and arranged for people to come help me administer meds for 18 days. Lucky's zinc level was tested again prior to starting the second wave of DMSA. 10 days into his second trestment, the results came back at 2.5. He seems to be picking less, but I won't be convinced I've made real headway until he's feathered fully. Hopefully with some advice from your on-line community, a new cage situation,
and patience...I can get this guy into a better quality of life.

Comments: Max is a stunningly beautiful bird; no plucking (knock wood). He has exhibited only normal (?) cockatoo behavior. Yes, he is loud when he displays, but it doesn't last long. I believe he was kept in a very small cage, and can't believe he didn't pluck or mutilate. He had a sibling that was killed by the woman's brother's dog. I was afraid he would be killed as well, or worse.

Comments:   I thought long and hard before I purchased a cockatoo and I think it was the best decision I've made.  My Too is a wonderful bird, but they do need lots of attention and my house gets very noisy two to three times a day and during any excitement that goes on the birds participate in the noise level.(eg birthday parties, relatives visiting, etc.)  If I don't give my Too attention at least a couple hours a day of cuddle time he gets very noisy to the point when everyone leaves the house to avoid the noise.  I don't make that mistake very often.

Comments: She is my world I could not ask for a better pet. I just can't believe some of the things I have read on this website I just sat hear and cried. It is so sad to think about such a loving innocent animal being abused.

Comments: He didn't have a single toy or anything at all to chew when I found him.  No WONDER he was chewing on himself!  He has bitten me severely several times but we're getting the hang of each other.  What a kick he is compared to the "big boys". . .I love him! He eats a big cardboard box EVERY day. . .he's a new bird now that he's found his 'right work' :-)

Comments: My tooie is part of the family now it took a while he was so scared at first but he is a very healthy happy bird now I could not imagine not having him in my life. It was a long haul though, he destroyed a lot of things in the house before we knew his needs. I can relate to so many things you said.

Comments: I think this site is absolutely excellent! I will definately be sharing this with the Twin Cities companion parrot community. I am so glad to see somebody else share the same views!Thank you so much for this site!

Comments: I loved this bird. She was just like a little person/child. She had a fantastic personality and we spent much time teaching her tricks and playing with her.  Even with the HUGE amount of time spent with her, she still developed screaming and mild plucking problems. She wanted to be with us 24/7.  I wish that could have been possible, because I still miss her and really felt responsible for her welfare.  But, I really wish the pet store owners had warned us that we were adopting a CHILD. A screaming, needy pet that is wonderful but has a lot of special requirements. If so, It would have spared me the pain I and she felt when selling her after 3.5 years of ownership.  NO ONE should purchase this kind of cockatoo without taking a test to see if they have what it takes to own one of these highly intelligent, complicated birds.  I applaud what you are doing. Thanks. Leah

Comments: Great survey. I know how trying and great Cockatoos can be.  It took time for us to work out our "schedules" and "expectations".  I'm so glad my Max is here but I still think he misses so much not being in the wild and I don't know how to make that up to him.

Comments: My cockatoo is very well adjusted sweet and loving bird - loves kids. only gets loud when he wants to go to bed - he has a separate cage he sleeps in at night. It is located in a spare room so he can get 12 hours of undisturbed sleep. He gets cranky if he does not. He has a limited vocabulary (says about 20 words)but I like it that way. (editors note: This is another
very rare 10 year old cockatoo. One of only about 18 in a 300 plus survey so far)

Comments: You have an incredible website!!And, I admire your commitment to rescue abandoned and abused 'toos.  Your formula for considering having a cockatoo in your home is PERFECT.  I do occasionally have young parrots and before I even consider an offer to purchase one of them, the new potential owner must read a huge packet of behavior and nutritional information I provide, along with spending time with the young bird before I consider the transaction.  this has worked very well.  I am always available after the sale as a resource - and have had great rapor and follow=up with with my buyers. I do work outside the home (gotta feed my birds), and I have not found this time away to have any behavioral effect, although I have not taken in any birds that require extraordinary care.  I do spend time with them early in the a.m., when feeding and leave them with a warm tummy, good food, lots of toys and happy companions.

Comments: I am providing the best home I can for this poor bird.  He was an adult male when he was wild caught, unhandleable, mutilating, and extremely aggressive.  He has truly blossomed here, do not get me wrong.  He is an absolute sweetheart, never biting.  He has stopped mutilating 99.99% (Just a little on the very tips of his tail feathers still) and he plays and eats like a pig.  Though in the back of my mind I know it will never be enough.  He is wild, will be that way forever, and he longs to be free again.  I see it in his eyes, and feel it in his heart.  HE TRULY DOES NOT BELONG HERE.  Who ever felt the need to capture him for breeding has doomed him to a life of punishment and I hope they are satisfied.  I will give him the best I can, but people must realize they can never give enough.

Comments: I have seen the good and the bad in these birds. And as you say on your site they are cute and cuddly and very unpridictable especially during the breeding season. My bird spends about 10 to 15 hours a day OUT of his cage. And yes it is a challenge. I wrote and article on birds for a local rescue out here in Illinois if you would be interested in reading it here you go: I will be also using this same article for a rescue in TN. It is so very sad that people dont spend the time investigating the good and the bad about ALL birds! They are children that will never grow up and will live probably a lot longer than their owners. Thanks for your site it is awesome!

Comments: Stella is used as a presentation bird and visits many schools where we talk about the challenges and responsibilities of large parrot ownership. We try to keep him as active and involved as possibe, and for 6 years he was able to go to work with me daily. Now I worry about his mental health, and try to get him out as much as possible. Very active, social, and aggressive. Gets alsong well with dogs and cats- supervised of course.

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