My trip to Europe was made all the better by the last minute decision to include Germany
and be the guest of Gitti and Helmut. Gitti is the lady who approached me about a year ago
and wanted to translate the Mytoos website into German. If course I was thrilled and so she

Gitti also owns one of the Moluccans on Mytoos which shows a nasty hole in his chest from
mutilation. She has worked very hard with "Dumbo" to attempt to save him from himself.
One of the things she had done was a skin graft that appears to be working. However, Dumbo
must be kept in a collar for the time being as the wound heals. He's a sassy boy now, that
gets much attention. Gitti and Helmut care for many parrots and love them all. My personal
favorite was the female Moluccan Paula. She's a real sweetheart and took to me right away.

This is another classic case of how the internet, with all its problems and downsides, can
bring people together in a positive way. I have seen parts of Germany that I never knew
existed had it not been for the kindness shown me by Gitti and Helmut. They went far out of
their way to make me feel at home and show me the most interesting sites (including a breeder
with cockatoos I had never seen in person before). I want to say "Thank You" to Gitti and Helmut
for making Germany the highlight of my trip. Now here are just a few photos that I thought
you might like to see.....

Dumbo....Me....and Paula

Me and Gitti in Wine Country

Helmut and me in Wine Country

Gitti & Helmut inspects my rental car

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